4 typical reasons why you don’t lose weight even though you exercise

This is why you will not lose weight from your training


Why doesn’t the weight on the scale always go the right way, even though we’re working out a lot?

In reality, weight loss is quite simple. Burn more calories than you consume. And when we know that exercise boosts combustion, we must automatically shed a few kilos when we start training, right?
As a starting point, yes, but there are some classic pitfalls when we train to lose weight. We have collected four of the most common ones below.


You gain muscle mass

You make a classic mistake if you only focus on the number on the scale when you train. Training increases your muscle mass at the same time as you lose fat, and this will not always make a difference to your BMI.
Instead, use a measuring tape to see if you’re progressing with your workout, or keep an eye on whether your clothes are starting to fit a little looser.


You forget to do strength training

Many people automatically think of cardio or endurance training, such as running, cycling, swimming, etc., when they want to shed pounds. And although forms of exercise like these are highly effective, strength training is actually one of the most important components when we talk about weight loss.
When you go on a diet, the body doesn’t just eat away at the fat deposits. It also affects the muscles. A low muscle mass is generally bad for weight loss because it makes you more relaxed and reduces energy consumption. Strength training is the best method to ensure you lose fat instead of muscle.


You consume more than you burn

It is normal for hunger to subside immediately after a training session, but after a few hours, it comes back in full swing. And it is, therefore, not abnormal to overcompensate by eating more than what you have just burned.
Cardio training, in particular, can make the body scream for fat and carbohydrates, and you might think that you must go a little crazy now that you’ve just trained so hard. That’s fine too, but it could also be one reason you’re not losing weight.


You gobble up snack bars

Protein bars have become a popular snack in the gym or on the run in recent years. But if you munch on enough of these bars, you can train for just as long – you won’t lose weight.
Most protein bars are just chocolate or caramel bars with added protein, and the calorie content is often as high as in a Snickers or Mars bar.
Choose healthy foods instead, such as beans, lentils, chicken and seeds.

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