Flat Stomach: Here Is The Most Effective Exercise

The most effective exercise for a flat stomach is the plank. But the plank is not as easy to make correctly as many think. 


So here is a guide on how to do the perfect plank:


The plank is one of the most popular exercises in the gym, and it may look simple, but it’s not.

Many people don’t do the plank correctly. Instead of using their muscles to keep the body up and stable, they hang on to their ligaments, which means that they risk getting pain in, for example, the lower back. If you can lie in a plank position for over 30 seconds, it is likely that you are not doing it right, because a well-executed plank is simply too hard to lie on for a long time.

How to do the plank correctly:

Many people say you should just pull your navel in, but you can’t do only that. You must actively tense up the whole body: buttocks, pelvic floor, core muscles, back, shoulders and so on. As if you were ready to take a karate kick anywhere on your body. And then hold the plank for 5, 10 or 15 seconds. At least not more than 30, because then the risk is that you start to hang in your joints, and then the plank does nothing for your muscles. The plank is also a good exercise for beginners in the universe of training.

When you do it correctly, you get a good body sensation because you learn to activate your muscles in the right way so that they work together, which is vital to be able to do when you have to do other exercises. It is recommended that once you have mastered the plank, you throw yourself into more dynamic exercises, where you train the body while it is in motion.

This is the way we stress our bodies on a daily basis, and therefore it also makes good sense that we train in this way.

Hamstrings and buttocks:

Visualise the following: You have a coin located between the buttocks. Squeeze around it, all that you can. Then you also train strength in the back of the body when you do the plank.


Press your elbows or hands, if you are standing on them, away from the floor, thereby creating activity in the upper body.


Imagine that you get a stomach puff. The inner transverse abdominal muscles will automatically contract.

Alternative to the plank:

Do walkouts where you start standing and then bend down and walk into a plank position, but walk out as far as you can with your hands. Hold it there as long as you can and then go back with your hands. Remember to tighten the buttocks tightly by pulling “the tail” under you in an extended position.


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