Get 3 Tips For A Rounder Buttock With 3 Easy Exercises

How to get a round buttocks in 4 weeks

Get 3 tips for a rounder buttock.

If you train your buttocks muscles correctly, you will already be able to see a change after four weeks, and after eight weeks there will be a really big difference, which means that your butt will have become a lot rounder.

Everyone can get a rounder butt, but some will have a harder time with it than others.

What makes the buttocks bigger are the fast-twitch muscle fibres. But there are many of them who do not get trained because of the way we move today.

Many people have a habit of sitting working in front of their desk, binge-watch series or going for a walk, but without training the buttock muscles.  

And, for example, there are many long-distance runners who do not get to train their buttocks because they mainly pull forward via the front thigh muscles. And just like people who mainly do circuit training, long-distance runners develop more of the slow and enduring muscle fibres, and this happens at the expense of the fast-twitch muscle fibres. They thus find it more difficult to train their buttocks round and full-bodied than people who, for example, have not trained at all. But it can be done if you are willing to make an effort.


Three easy exercises for training your buttocks to become round and firm 

If you want to train your butt around then train your buttocks 10 minutes before doing your normal workout. If you do not exercise at all, then you should do these butt-friendly exercises four times 15-20 minutes a week.

Here you get three good exercises:

1) Start by awakening the muscles in your buttocks by sitting on a tennis ball and massaging them.

2) Make a butt lift where you lie on your back and lift your hip by, among other things, tightening the buttocks. When lying there, lift one leg up to your chest and hold a tennis ball in tension between your legs and chest. Hold the tension at the top for a few seconds and lower the leg. Do 8-10 repetitions, then change legs.

3) Lie on your stomach on the dining table so that you can bend at the hips at the edge of the dining table. Turn one leg slightly outwards, lift the leg up, and hold the position for 4-6 seconds, after which you slowly lower the leg again. Do 10-12 repetitions and then change legs.

And see results 4 weeks, and amazing results after 8 weeks. 

Enjoy 🙂 

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