How To Say Goodbye To Your Sugar-Monster

Sugar addict?

  • Do you suffer from sugar cravings? 
  • And do you always give in when the candy bowl entices? 
Then maybe it’s time to shake up your habits a bit

There are an incredible number of good reasons to say goodbye to sugar, or at least use the sugar more sensibly so that YOU control the sugar and not the other way around.

Maybe you, like many others in the Western world, find that your stomach is irritated? You can remedy this by cutting down on sugar. Other bonuses are a better night’s sleep, a nicer body and more energy.

It can be hard to get a sugar addiction under control, but here are a few of the tools to get out of the bad habit – for sugar addiction is actually nothing more than a bad habit.


The first step is to know how much sugar you are actually eating. It should not be the case that you can not eat Friday sweets, but try to keep a diary of how many times during the week you eat something sweet. You will probably be surprised because many people actually eat it every day. Decide that sugar is a “no go” on weekdays, and then you can loosen up a bit on the weekends and at social events


Keep your blood sugar stable!

If you make sure to eat plenty of meat and vegetables during your three main meals during the day, you are less likely to crave sugar. It is often when we are hungry and the body screams for energy that we fall into the sugar trap.


Fluid is also an important factor because if you are dehydrated, it can often feel like hunger. So remember to get plenty of water during the day, and always try a large glass of water before attacking the sugar bowl, doughnuts or cookies.


Sugar has the effect that it can feel like a reward, and therefore we immediately become happy when we eat something sweet. But it’s a short pleasure. For around the corner lurks either the stomach cramps, the fatigue or the bad conscience. And often we sit back and think it was not worth eating that piece of cake or in dive in that bag of candy at all, right?

The good news is that we all have a free rewarding hormone in our brains. The hormone is called serotonin and can be boosted by exercising, eating a varied diet and getting a good night’s sleep. If you have plenty of serotonin, you have less tendency to crave sugar and your mood gets much bettter.


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