True or False? 8 Myths About Your Mood

True or False?

What really determines whether you feel happy or sad? We shake up myths, hoaxes and facts about your mood.


MYTH: Sleep does not affect your mood

FALSE! Especially in REM sleep, there is a process that affects your emotional life. When you do not get proper sleep, you become more stressed and irritable and find it harder to control your emotions. If it’s just a few nights, it’s no problem, so you do not have to lie down and stress that you can not fall asleep a single night.


MYTH: You can train yourself happy

FACT! Your body and psyche are connected. When you exercise, the brain release the happiness hormone endorphin, which has a positive effect on your mood, making you more mentally resilient.


MYTH: Mood dives in the dark months


FACT! The lack of daylight affects the hormone balance in the body, which is crucial for your mood. Therefore, you may find that you become more tired and sad in the winter. In fact, every tenth person is very much affected by it, while most will feel it to some degree.




MYTH: Exercise always triggers happiness hormones

FALSE! The secretion of endorphins differs from person to person, and some may become so dependent on pushing themselves that the limit must be constantly increased. In that case, training stresses more than it benefits.


MYTH: It’s best to be alone when you are sad

FALSE! It’s tempting to snuggle under the duvet and stay there until your mood gets better again. But man is not made to go into the den. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Your social life is one of the best mood boosters, as being together about something makes us feel safe. So pick up the phone and invite your friends to dinner, arrange a run with a colleague, or visit your family.


MYTH: Kisses and hugs are healthy


FACT! When someone touches you, the body releases oxytocin, which gives the feeling of well-being. So give your boyfriend a big kiss before you walk out the door, hug your colleague in the hallway, and nudge your partner in the hair. It all counts.


MYTH: Breathing exercises lift the inner mood

FACT! It sounds like a cliche, but it works. If you are in a bad mood, sit down and breathe in and out slowly. It stimulates the lungs and oxygenates the entire system, which gives a feeling of well-being.


MYTH: Sugar boosts the mood

FALSE! Yummy, Just the thought of a big piece of chocolate cake can make most people smile, and sweet things give immediate satisfaction. But unfortunately, it does not last long, so your blood sugar dives and makes you tired and unwell – and maybe the bad conscience also creeps in and destroys your mood. Grab a healthy snack that keeps your blood sugar stable instead.


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